Wall Painting Techniques

To create a look of texture without the use of expensive paints or the use of a professional painter there are several techniques, applications and products to use in wall painting. Use this guide to matching your wall painting techniques with your home accessories and decor.

Faux Plaster

Creating the look of aged plaster is simple and less messy than using a joint compound blaster. To do this project you will need tissue paper-the kind you get in the gift wrapping section-enough latex satin paint to cover the walls, masking tape, drop cloths, a two inch brush and nap roller, disposable paint trays, and acrylic glazing. Tape off all baseboard and crown molding as well as door and window trim. After removing all furniture’s from the area, wipe down walls with mild soap and water and dry with clean soft cloth.

Crinkle tissue paper and set it aside

Roll on one coat of paint to wall surface

Smooth tissue paper over the wet paint with non-powdered vinyl gloves

Pat down the tissue paper gently with your fingers and apply a second coat of paint

While the paint is still wet, tear off any extra pieces gently and remove masking tape. Allow 3 to 4 hours of drying time. Once the paint is dry you can go back over it with a light acrylic glaze for an added antique effect called “tea staining”. This can be done with a medium mixed with glaze. This style works great with metallic wall art.

Suede Walls

Creating the look of soft suede is all in layers and brushing technique. A basic sponge painting application is used for this unique wall art look. You will need the following items:

Enough stain or semi-gloss latex paint to cover the area to be painted in two colors that are contrasting i.e. beige and sand, sky blue and pastel blue, light brown and tan.

Natural sea sponges varied in size that are cut with some pieces off a larger sponge to get into corners

Disposable paint trays


Nap roller

Masking tape

Drop cloths or old bed sheets

Two-2 or 3 inch NATURAL hair brush with angled edge

Begin by taping off trim and moving furniture’s from the area. Paint the lighter color on the wall surface first with one or more coats. While the paint is wet, use a brush to apply secondary color to the sponge and lightly sponge the wall in a random overlapping pattern. With the second brush, moisten slightly with water and dip just the very tip of the brush in the secondary color. With a short quick back and forth motion, begin dry brushing the sponged paint and you will begin to see how the colors begin to blend. Dry brush carefully, so that the undercoat is not wiped off and continue to dry brush the wall surface until blended completely and the desired look has been achieved.

Interior Wall Painting

Welcome back to “What interior house paint goes where and why” for interior wall painting. Like my last entry “of what interior house paint goes on ceilings” I’m going to explain what materials {paint} to apply when painting walls. So put your seat belt on, stick your drop sheets down, kick the cat and the dog out of the room and get ready to be injected with good, honest solid information about interior house paint for walls.

Firstly there are two basic types of walls, you’ll bound to have one of them, cause if you don’t your house will fall down! (God I kill myself) Anyway they are:

1. Plaster or wet set walls. They have even been known to be called soft plaster walls.
2. Probably the most commonly used material in the building industry, Plasterboard or gyprock plasterboard.

We’ll talk about No 1 in this post, being painting plaster walls. These are the most important walls to get right because the biggest mistake people make when doing this type is not sealing their walls. The most common reason is cost cutting which is fine until the paint falls of the walls, then it’s a huge job. I’ve seen it first hand and it’s an ugly situation you don’t want to be in. Literally the whole house will end up this way and its a job that never ends so don’t scrimp on your sealer. Get it right the first time and believe me you’ll sleep better too.

So a good quality oil based sealer binder is the answer. It does exactly what it says. It seals from moisture and other elements and binds the surface together to give you a nice surface that your finish coats can grab hold of and stick hard to. You’ll get no peeling dramas or paint falling off later down the track and it’ll never have to be done again. Now try to use a good quality paint where it counts especially when it comes to painting walls. Walls get marked easily, animals lean against them and furniture scuffs up against them. The big one, if you have children, they see them as a big blank canvas and begin their first attempts at art class 101. I’m sure most of us have been there, right!

Now a pretty standard coating system for painting walls has always been and for 24 plus years of my painting life is low sheen acrylic – its very washable with might I add warm soapy water… a touch of dishwashing liquid usually does the trick. Low Sheen Acrylic is very user friendly and like I said if it’s a fairly premium product is very nice and easy to apply. So don’t forget when applying paints use two coats and get a nice thick durable coat on.

Hiring a Move in House Cleaning Company

When you move in into your new house, the first thought that comes to mind is will it be clean or do I have to slog on to for hours to clean it? No more worries at all. Gone are the days when we move to new house getting it pre cleaned was a tedious task. Now you can hire one of the agencies that provide move in house cleaning services. They have the team of maids, janitors, moving helpers and other cleaning helpers, who are well versed with their task.

Just before moving ahead and knowing more about house cleaning services, let’s discuss why we need this service. Well, when we move to a new house, all of us some dreams about it and want to make it a palace. But what if the day has arrived and the house purchased is dirty , cobwebs are there all over. It sounds yuck… Imagine yourself tidying around the home all alone for hours… but still of little help only. You would be tired and next day when relatives and guest are around, you won’t be able to enjoy yourself to the fullest.

To get the job done easily and without much efforts of your house move in services are a great option. But, before hiring a house cleaning company, check out the services they are offering. For example: to get bedroom and living area cleaned, few things that you can look in their service catalog include: removal of cobweb, vacuuming carpets and edging them, mopping of dry wooden floorings, hard floor surfaces; tidy room look, make beds, cleaning of window panes and tracks, hand wash and drying of marble, general dusting, damp cleaning of flat areas, dust furniture and bric-a-brac.

Similarly for the other places like bathroom or kitchen clean, ask the company for the check list. This will help you in knowing what work is done and what needs to be done. Kitchen is an important area, where cleanliness needs to be maintained. So small things like cleaning of range hood ( top and front ), tidying of base boards, wiping of appliances like microwave, toasters, refrigerators from both within and outside, is very important. Besides this cleaning of chairs and table, removal of cobweb, disinfecting sinks, countertops; thorough dusting, moping of floors and emptying trash helps in rendering a healthy environment to the kitchen.

Some people like to relax in the hot water tub and have all the luxuries that of a hotel / holiday inn. So they have mirrors all over, cabinets and drawers to keep the towels and favorite shampoos and oils. But if these places are not cleaned properly, then one might develop certain health problems. So one needs to get the tile walls, bathtubs, sink mirrors, sink counters, shower, shower doors toilet seat, cabinets and drawers cleaned and disinfected. This will stop the microbial growth also. Removal of cobwebs, and general dusting are primary things here. To get the feel of the new bathroom , get those chrome fixtures cleaned and polished.

These are just few indicators that will help you in comparing the services being offered by a move in house cleaning company. It’s always good to hire a professional company. They clearly know the needs of the clients and plan the things accordingly. For this it is good to take the help of people who have got the similar job done for their home. You can also ask the company to provide references of people for whom they have got the job done. Some agents use their products and equipment for cleaning the house. For this they might charge extra. In case you want them to do so, then tell them if you are allergic to smell or ingredient that is been used in the product.

Solo Professional and the Janitor

I really got tired of trying to find a janitor who would come into the office for a few hours a month at a reasonable cost. For the past year or so, I therefore decided to do the job myself and have figured out a way to do it without being exhausted or resentful.

Here are some tips that will save you time and money when it comes to cleaning the office:

1. Supplies and Equipment – I purchased a few items to keep in my storage room so they are handy. A feather duster, garbage bags, paper towels, and air freshener are about all you need. The only piece of equipment that I have is a new upright vacuum cleaner with attachments.

2. Regular maintenance – When each client leaves after an appointment, I quickly check the room for things that need attention. Empty bottles are put in a bag on the door handle where they can’t be seen. Cushions are straightened on the love seats. Paperclips or bits of paper on the floor are picked up by hand. Books are straightened. This only takes a couple of minutes but offers good presentation for the next client.

3. Reactive tasks – I empty garbage cans when they are about half full. There are four in my suite of offices so one large black garbage bag is not only adequate for these but also allows me to empty the shredder at the same time. When I leave the office at the end of the day, I take the one bag with me for the trash bin.

If there is a need to vacuum – I vacuum. This is usually weather-related task that occurs when people bring in snow or mud on their shoes. Because I have a mat inside the front door and frequently work in sock-feet, I have noticed that clients usually take their shoes off and leave them on the mat. That helps!

4. “No show” dusting – It only takes a few minutes to dust each of my three rooms. Often I can complete this during one appointment time when the client cancels or does not show. Many times, I have found that I can actually do one room at a time in a break between my appointments.

Most of my clients are adults so there are seldom any fingerprints or sticky spots but when some do appear, a damp cloth can erase them in minutes.

If I thought that I had to spend an hour or two at the end of a long and busy week to clean the office, I likely wouldn’t be happy about it. Breaking the work down into little tasks that can be spread throughout the week, however, is an easy and satisfying way of doing things when they need to be done. It also reduces expenses by converting small periods of time into productive activity.

By the way, do you want to learn more about increasing your business profits fast?

How to Measure a Roof For Shingles

It’s time for a new roof on your house and you would like to have an idea how many shingles will be needed for your roof replacement. Skilled roofing contractors know how to do this. But perhaps you would like to know yourself. Measuring a roof is not always an easy task. There are a few basic things you will need to know for an accurate measurement.

Roofing Contractors have their own Lingo

The first thing you need to know is that shingles are purchased in what roofing contractors call “squares”. A square is an area that is 10×10 feet or 100 square feet. Normally for basic three tab shingles one square would require three bundles of shingles. Today’s architectural shingles are heavier and thicker. If you are using these it will take four or five bundles to make a square.

First thing to do is to draw what your roof looks like by looking straight down at it from above. Even if you don’t get the exact look a basic drawing will do the trick. The measurements you get will add up to give you the number of squares needed.

Although some are, most roofs are not just two straight sides. Many times there are dormers, valleys, and hip sections. That’s where it gets a little complicated. Seasoned roofing contractors are used to these and should have no problem in delivering the correct amount of shingles to your home.

How to Measure for your Roof Replacement

Let’s take a look first at an easy to measure straight roofing section. Go to the ridge of the roof and measure all the way across. Then measure the length from the ridge to the bottom of the roof. Let’s say the ridge length was 60 and the rafter length is 16. Multiply 60×16 and you will get 3,600. That’s 960 square feet or 9.6 squares.

If you have a hip roof you will measure the top ridge length, the bottom length, and the rafter length. Add together the ridge length and the bottom length and divide by two. Then multiply that number by the rafter length. For example: the ridge length is 20 and the bottom is 35. 20+35=55. 55 divided by 2 is 27.5. If the rafter length is 14 you will multiply 27.5 times 14. That equals 385 square feet. Remember we need squares so it is 3.85 squares.

The end of the hip roof or the triangle shape is an easy one. Measure the length from the top to the bottom and then the bottom edge. Multiply the length by the height and divide by two. Divide that number by 100 to get the amount of squares.

Adding Extra Shingles for Waste, Ridge Cap, Starters, and Valleys

Once you have all the different dimensions you will add those all up together. You then need to account for the extras. You will need to have extra shingles for waste, ridge cap, and starter shingles. One a straight two sided roof you should add 10 percent. For a hip roof add 15 percent.

You may have an even more cut up roof than that with dormers and valleys. These basic instructions will get you through that. Remember though, the more cut up your roof is the more you will need to add for waste.

Residential Roofing Contractors – Keeping them Honest

Roofing contractors regularly measure roofs and know how to accurately figure the size of your roof. Now when your residential roofing contractor comes to give you an estimate you will have a good idea how many shingles you will need…and if the contractor is giving you a precise bid.

Proper Roofing Tips

In these demanding times, we need to save money through whichever ways possible. While there are many who install costly ventilation systems, you can also lower your energy bills even with a tight budget. The exteriors of our house hold the key to the in-house temperature. The bulk of the heat gets transferred from the outside to the inside. Since your roof receives the bulk of the sun’s rays throughout the day, the material for roofing must be chosen judiciously.

For Lower Bill, Use Light Color

How many times have you stepped outside in that black outfit and have cursed the blasting sun? Well, the reason is the color of your dress. Black absorbs light and so accumulates heat. The opposite is for white or any light colored cloth. Same thing goes for your home as well. Paint your roof white and you will notice a marked difference in the interior-temperature. This will directly take the load off your cooling systems, thus lowering your electricity bills.

Check the Roofing Material

In the market, there are various types of roofing materials vying for your attention. While some may be cheap, you must be aware of their energy-efficiency. A metal siding painted white will reflect most of the white-rays. Cement tiles reflect more but there is a catch to it. Cements keep the interior cool throughout the day but it takes longer to cool down at night. Here metal roofing scores over others as it cools down much faster. Now, that is a way smarter option than using a dark grey roof which reflects barely 10% of the light, making the interiors, quite insufferable.

In case of roofing, you must be well aware of the installation procedures related to the roofing material. You must be very careful with the installation of the roofs in accordance with the manufacturing guidelines. Following the guidelines will ensure that you get a long-lasting roof and one that is guaranteed.

You can log on to the Internet for browsing through reputed contractors or home remodelers. However, you must be very sure about the type of work and their pricing estimates. Many contractors bill you after the completion of their work. This means that you stand to lose a considerable amount of money. In this case, what you need is a contractor who will bill you before the task is started. This saves you the worry of getting your job done on time.

Best Logo Design Service

You should have seen numerous logo design services but each logo design service doesn’t seem efficient to you as others. Why? Since, an efficient design consultancy takes extra care of its client’s business identity. How? Good services always design their client’s insignia in a way that the client’s corporate identity appear more superior to his/her competitors and portrays each and every aspect of client’s business.

The current period belongs to the e-commerce world; therefore it won’t be a big problem for you to find out the best custom design service. You should review the price and packages of such services to come anywhere near to pick up the best service for your company identity design. After choosing the best service, be very careful about your company design.

Here are some free tips to choose the best designing service:

1. First of all, you should choose the service only that meets up your budget standard.

2. Check out the credibility of the designing firm you have chosen through research.

3. Investigate whether the service providers are experts and have good reputation throughout.

Good designing services consult with their clients on regular basis. Their consultants are punctual and desperate to work. It’s better to tell your consultants about your budget and desire who knows they would make you a cost effective logo. Don’t ever forget that each famous logo has been designed by the professional, so you should avail a logo designing service.

Website Design Service Requirements

Many people use website design services without really knowing what they should be getting for their money, so I thought it would be a good idea to review what website service should be providing you to see if it really does come up to scratch.

Looking at a website services home page, they should really be covering all bases. They should give you a good rundown of their services on the home page, and there should also be pages giving details of how to contact them, and other areas that they can be of service to you, the customer.

The service should give you the option of help in many areas. There is the obvious website creation and design that they will implement for you, of which they can give you simple one page websites to more complicated ecommerce websites. And they should also sort out your domain and hosting requirements if you want them to. Also they should help you with content management on your website. In other words, you may have the basic premise of what you want on your website, and what you want to achieve from your website, but you need someone to come in and provide the filling and get it all down on the website for you.

Search engine optimisation is another area that they should be of use to you, so if you really have not a clue how to go about getting your website seen by potential clients, then this could be a very useful service for you in that they can make sure to set up your website for SEO purposes, and they can also provide ongoing SEO services so that your website will stay at the top of the search engine rankings in the months to come.

They must also have an excellent after sales service, so that they do not leave you high and dry after creating your website but make sure that you are completely happy with the website and the service that they have provided.

So as I mentioned earlier, they should cover all bases for you and provide you with an effective and low-cost solution to your website needs. They should be able to provide you with a high quality service which gives you a multitude of options for your website design, and provide you with advice and back up all the way through the creation and production of the website, and they should provi you with a thorough and continuous after sales service.

DIY Home Improvement Ideas

Many enthusiasts of DIY home improvement differentiate between two specific classes of projects. The first class involves major renovations in the house, including:

o Replacement of floors

o Installation of new insulation

o Installation of a new roof

o Installation of wooden fences around a yard

The second type of DIY are smaller projects that delivers creative pleasure to the ones engaging in them. These small projects typically involve adding small yet useful objects inside the house. Though most of them involve one form of furniture or another, these smaller projects are recommended for those who are just beginning with DIY home improvement.

Small ideas but nice results

Free time, a bit of cash and a lot of good ideas is all you need to think of your own DIY home improvement project. Here are some ideas to get you started:

o Windows- if you’ve been thinking for the longest time that the windows in your bedroom are creepy at night, why not replace them? Contrary to popular belief, it is easy to replace windows. All you need are a few traditional tools like a crowbar and a hammer, or a saw in some instances. Simply measure the window’s dimensions and purchase a window of the exact same size. Take down the old window frame, taking utmost care not to damage the glass. Then simply install the new window sets using window glue and a few bolts or nails.

o Gates- gates can be customized. If your own gate allows it, you may attempt to install name plates on your own gate, to identify your house easily. This would be a great idea especially if you live in a housing neighborhood, where houses generally look alike.

o Extra utility table- If you don’t have enough table when you go out for a yard picnic, why not build one yourself? All you need would be small planks of wood and a little ingenuity. First determine what particular table size you want. After making the proper measurements, simply follow the configuration of picnic tables you see everyday and voila, you have your own picnic table. DIY projects that involve wood are often durable because wood is a sturdy material.

o Floor design- tired of visible scratches on your floor? One way to successfully remedy old floors is simply installing new vinyl. Vinyl comes in a variety of colors and designs so you would be having a lot of fun and choices by simply choosing the design you like. The installation of vinyl is even easier- you simply need contact cement or other forms of strong adhesives to attach the vinyl to your floor. Just find the center of the floor area using a nylon thread and divide each area into quarters. Start with 1 quarter and finish by cutting to size when you reach the edge.

o Wall design- wallpaper is still in. You simply have to know how to install wallpaper properly. First, the walls must be free from dirt, moisture or grease before the application of the adhesive. Let the adhesive dry a bit first before attaching the wallpaper in small, manageable strips. Watch your bedroom or your living room come alive with the new look.

Cost of DIY Home Improvement Projects

Let’s get one thing clear- not all do it yourself projects are inexpensive. More often than not, DIY projects are actually quite expensive, depending on the outcome that you desire. Look at it this way- if you don’t have control over the quality of store shelf products, then the DIY approach inverts the whole picture: you are now in control of the quality and appearance of any project you wish to get into.

If you have a warped picnic table and you wish to replace this with something that would look like it was done by an Italian craftsman in his prime, then expect that the DIY project would be expensive because you want something that will demand quality materials like exotic wood and top rated paint finish.

However, not many people want to invest so much in do it yourself projects- mainly because the budget is not there to begin with. So much can be said of expensive DIY projects, but it doesn’t mean that less expensive projects would yield poor results.

Issues regarding craftsmanship would entirely be credited to the person who has engaged in the DIY project. If you have little creativity or has little understanding of carpentry, then don’t expect that the new railing for your staircase would look like it was built by a highly experienced crew of carpenters.

So what would solve this apparent contradiction between skills, technical-know how and budget? The answer is simple- inexpensive projects that would yield beautiful results but do not require a high level of competence. Below are just some inexpensive and yet rewarding DIY home improvement projects that you can start with if you’re feeling the DIY itch now:

1. Repainting- a fresh coat of paint is always a good thing, especially for old houses. New paint gives a refreshing feel to an area, and improves the aura of a house. If a house has been standing for five years and has not been applied with even a drop of fresh paint since the day its doors were first opened, then now would be a good time to plan for a repainting.

Repainting projects need not be a 10 weekend projects- it does not have to cover the whole expanse of the house. You can start with the porch or the living room – this will take you 2 to 3 weekends.

2. Wood works- even if it sounds daunting at the start, making new furniture for the house (for the family and of course, for your own personal use) is actually one of the most fulfilling ways to jumpstart your own DIY fever. The trick is to always start small.

Not everyone is an expert with the use of wood, saw hammer and nails. This is the reason you should always start small- because in case your project fails, you can conveniently just throw away the failed project without worrying too much about the raw materials that you used. Don’t attempt to build a bed or a large cabinet for all your clothes yet.

A good starting project would be a foot stool that may be used around the house-whether in the study room or in front of the couch in the living room. Get a feel of it and see how it goes from there.